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our company

Trichome Shell is an Israeli based company. We are developing new innovative cannabis infused products both for the recreational and the medical global market. We created this company from our desire to solve problems, and apply our experience into the products that we make. Trichome Shell believes in creating new ways to deliver cannabis that would be easy to use and intuitive. With a deep understanding of the consumer needs and preferences, we use our over 100 people test group to create something new, exciting and accurate.

our operation 

Operating inside a facility of one of the lead medical cannabis grower and manufacturer in Israel. We are able to find the resources for research and development which we believe is key for moving the cannabis industry forward. We always work on new products and look for market differentiation. After developing the products, we make sure to find a way to produce them in an efficient and high capacity manner.


We are always looking for good people to collaborate with and already collaborating with a few parties in the industry. Interested in producing any of our special products? We are always open for collaborations!

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